NEOS – The Next-Generation Exploitation Optimization System™

One of the best weapons in a soldier's arsenal is invisibility – remaining undetected by the enemy. In order to avoid discovery, they need immediate situational awareness – knowing where the enemy is so they can avoid unexpected confrontation and meet their adversaries when and where they choose.

Currently, a variety of sensors send their output data to intelligence analysts in the U.S. These analysts evaluate the data and turn it into usable information to be sent back to the war fighter. This is a lengthy process, and by the time the signal data is processed by analysts, it's usually too late for the soldier in the field.

The Next-Generation Exploitation Optimization System™ (NEOS) developed by IvySys reduces the collection-analysis gap by providing the soldier automated analysis in real-time for complete situational awareness. NEOS sifts through vast amounts of data to determine the good intelligence from electronic chaff, or “noise,” by means of complex algorithms. The system then draws correlations from a number of sensors and presents the intelligence to the soldier in the field in an easy-to-read graphical interface that displays a geospatial view of the battlefield in question.

NEOS provides the tactical soldier with full situational awareness in real-time, so they know what's over the next hill, if that's a hill or an elaborate cave, or whether an enemy is approaching.