The IvySys staff has extensive experience supporting the US Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities, including DARPA, the US Navy, and OSD. We use our adaptive and innovative technologies and deep domain expertise to help customers navigate the unpredictability of today's intelligence environment.

Our areas of expertise include:

    • ISR Systems
      • Real-time, automated processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED)
      • Multi-sensor fusion
      • Sensor agnostic exploitation algorithms (magnetic, RF, seismic/acoustic, EO/IR, video)
      • Many-core GPU/GPP platforms
      • Real-time embedded signal processing
      • Tagging, tracking, and locating devices
      • Metadata tagging
      • Tactical Situational awareness display software

    • Wireless communications and networking
      • Low power wireless sensor networking
      • Mobile ad hoc networking (MANET)
      • Secure and Interoperable wireless networking

    • Big Data Analytics
      • Adaptive pattern recognition
      • Predictive anomaly detection
      • Visualization tools