Joseph L. Arrowood, Ph.D. - Senior Vice President of ISR Solutions

Joe ArrowoodDr. Joe Arrowood joined IvySys Technologies, LLC in 2008 and is the Senior Vice President of ISR Solutions. Prior to joining IvySys he worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory and for the Intelligence Technologies sector of Northrop Grumman.

While at Los Alamos, Joe worked in the International, Space & Response division as a team leader for signal processing and system modeling. His team was charged with providing wideband RF algorithmic solutions to multiple programs within the Los Alamos proliferation detection and deterrence portfolio. This included the Cibola Flight Experiment (CFE), a small satellite program exploring the use of Field Programmable Gate Arrays to enable post-launch mission changes.

During his time with Northrop Grumman IT/TASC, Dr. Arrowood focused on application development for National and Tactical Systems with an emphasis on geolocation theory and implementation. He provided both technical expertise and leadership experience towards building a team to improve upon existing geolocation methodologies for a diversity of collection platforms.

Dr. Arrowood received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for Signal and Image Processing, where he was a Presidential Fellow. He also received his M.S.E.E. and B.S.E.E. from Georgia Tech, graduating from undergraduate with highest honors and participating in the cooperative program via the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Dr. Arrowood has authored multiple papers on algorithm design for reconfigurable applications and co-authored a chapter on filter bank design for the first edition of The Digital Signal Processing Handbook.